Stage 1

This stage covers how to draw a face in proportions and teaches you the fundamentals of shading.

Drawing a Face in Proportion Tutorial

Simple step by step turoial on drawing the face
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Drawing a face in proportion guidelines

How to Draw a Face in Proportion Video Tutorial

Watch as I draw the face using guidelines to keep everything in proportion.
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How to Shade a Portrait

Learn how light affects the subject you are drawing and and follow along as I shade a face in this step-by-step tutorial.
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Drawing the Eyes Tutorial

How to Draw the Eyes: Step by step tutorial

Simple tutorial on drawing and shading the eyes.


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How to Draw the Eyes Video Tutorial

Video tutorial on drawing the eyes from the front.
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How to draw a nose tutorial


Drawing a Nose Step by Step Tutorial

Follow along in this step by step tutorial and find out what NOT to draw when drawing the nose.
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How to draw and shade the nose

How to Draw and Shade the Nose Vid Tutorial

Simple steps I use to draw a shade the nose.
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How to draw the mouthStep by Step Tutorial on Drawing the Mouth

Draw and shade the mouth in this step by step tutorial.
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More Coming Soon


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