Books and Tools

Here is a list of books that I’ve personally studied and would recommend to new artists.

“Drawing the Head and Hands” by Andrew Loomis

This is a great book which covers every aspect of drawing a realistic face. I have often found myself referring back to this book when I’ve run into a problem and I can’t get a certain aspect of my drawing right. I would especially recommend this book to artist who would like to draw without reference material or for artist who draw from live models.

It will give you a better understanding of the anatomy of the head and how the bone structure and muscles all affect what we see on the outside. A very useful skill to have in drawing.
It doesn’t cover shading techniques but it will give you an understanding of light and shadows and also the use of tones. I’ve based a lot of my tutorials on techniques I’ve learned from this book. And I recommend it to anyone who is serious about drawing realistic faces.

Tools of the Trade

Here is a list of art supplies that I use in my drawings.

Graphite Pencils

As I live in Japan these are the graphite art pencils that I use. I have found them to be very reliable and easy to use. I especially like having the full range of pencils as they each give a different touch to the drawing.

MONO zero eraser

In Japan this is quite a popular piece of equipment and you can pick it up at any stationary store. It’s a retractable eraser in a pen shaped holder. With a diameter of 2.5 mm x 5 mm ( 3/32″ x 3/16″) it is very useful when erasing tiny details and getting that reflection when drawing eyes.

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