Tips on Drawing the Eyes: Part 1

December 2, 2011

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Have you ever had a problem drawing eyes from different angles? Well I’ve got good news for you. In this post I’ll share with you something that’s helped me understand the construction of the eye and through that has improved my eye drawing.

As you know the eye is a ball, but when viewed from the front that point might not sink in as much as it should; as what we can see of the eyeball is just a small percentage of its actual mass.

When you start thinking of the eye as a real sphere it brings everything into perspective.

In this illustration I’ve drawn a sphere, it has a horizontal line and vertical line wrapping around it. I’ve added a few more vertical lines for clarity. Now the pupil is located at center of the sphere and surrounding that is the iris. With that understanding we can turn the eyeball in any direction and still locate its center.


Now to get the shape of the eye, imagine a thin piece of skin with a slit in it surrounding a sphere. When it’s closed all you see is a thin slit but when it’s pulled apart it follows the curvature of the sphere which creates the visible shape of the eye.


With this understanding drawing the eye, knowing where to shade, and getting the shape of the eye doesn’t seem so daunting any more. Practice drawing eyes with these points in mind. An exercise you can do is look up eyes on google and see if you can notice how the eyelids follow the curvature of the eyeball and how it affects the shape of the eye.


In my next post I’ll talk about drawing eyes from difficult angles, so stay tuned. And if you have something that you’ve found helpful in drawing eyes or if you have any art related questions you’d like covered in a tutorial share it in the comments bellow and I’ll get back to you.


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